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How to volunteer


The Marian Orchard (MO) is looking for volunteer docents, lectors, commentators, choir members, and altar boys.  Duties and qualifications are:


  1. Receives and guides pilgrims;

  2. Source of information about the different sites in MO, their significance, their uniqueness;

  3. Persuade pilgrims to follow the house rules of MO for their own safety and to preserve the sacredness of the place;

  4. Assist PWDs and pilgrims that need medical assistance; and

  5. Reports incidents and violation of house rules.



  1. Proclaimers during mass;

  2. Must be able to proclaim in English or Filipino;

  3. Modulated voice; and 

  4. Willing to observe proper dress code.



  1. Lead the assembly in active participation during the mass;

  2. Must be able to sing in case there is no choir;

  3. Well versed in English and Filipino; and 

  4. Willing to observe proper dress code.


Liturgical Singers:

  1. Must be a member of a church choir;

  2. Must be knowledgeable of liturgical music nuances; and

  3. Must observe dress code.


Altar Servers:

1.  Experience as altar server is required.

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